Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Great Double Standard...

Edward Morrissey in the SF Examiner:

All of this hand-wringing has a rational point. We want to see civilians spared the horrors of war, and we push combatants to take all possible steps to achieve that end. The Geneva Conventions have that explicit mandate, and the world should remain constantly — and consistently — vigilant.

Unfortunately, the global community has failed miserably at this task, and this war not only highlights that failure, but springs from it. While the world holds Israel to this standard, things become curiously silent when it’s time to hold Hezbollah responsible for its conduct of war. Hardly a word has escaped from the U.N. or Europe on the 2,500 missiles that have rained down upon Israeli civilians, deliberately targeted by Hezbollah. Those attacks have displaced more than 300,000 civilians, a fact the global community and the mainstream media ignore.

Those who argue that Israel has occasionally violated the Geneva Conventions in its attacks casually ignore the blatant violations of Hezbollah, whose combatants wear no uniform, deliberately hide in civilian populations and fire weapons from residential areas. Hezbollah conducts none of its operations within the rules of war — and yet world leaders and the media never mention it.

Why? Because no one expects terrorists to follow the rules. This is the soft nihilism of low expectations.

Go read the whole thing.
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Ephraim said...

That was a good post. Nice to see that there are a precious few out there who view us as human beings.


I have always seen you as "precious" human beings !!

The back of the hill said...

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers......


Some interesting stuff. War with IRAN is looming and Israel wnat have to have anything to do with it !
Iran Condemns U.S. and Britain
00:30 Aug 02, '06 / 8 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Iran condemned the United States and Britain on Tuesday for what it said was culpability for civilian deaths in Lebanon.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a speech that the two Western nations were “accomplices in all crimes committed by the occupying Zionist regime,” and that they had to “answer to these crimes.”

The audience in northwestern Iran responded with shouts of agreement, calling for “Death to America.”

Canada: Hizbullah is a ‘Cancer’
23:45 Aug 01, '06 / 7 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Canadian Foreign Minister Peter MacKay said on Tuesday that terrorist organization Hizbullah is a ‘cancer’ that was capable of breaking any ceasefire negotiated in the future.

MacKay dismissed criticism of his government’s pro-Israel position, but for the first time also had sharp words for the Jewish state.

Israel’s decision to bomb the Beirut airport had made the process of evacuating Canadian citizens from Lebanon much more difficult, he said

Blair says Syria, Iran risk confrontation

Jim said...

This 'explanation' of reality that your post shows by the SF newspaper, this, needs to be heard continually, a 'wakeup call' to Truth.

Thanks for you Jameel, and all Israel.


So sorry to hear about the 3 soldiers lost.

These are some good articles well worth the read. Be safe & God Bless Israel.







Anonymous said...

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