Monday, April 11, 2011

Al Qaeda asks for Cease Fire with US

Imagine if Al Qaeda asked for a cease fire with the US after they blew up the Twin Towers and the US started to hit them back. Now imagine the US agreeing.

It almost impossible to conceive that the United States would ever agree to such a thing.

Yet here in Israel, Hamas purposely blew up a school bus, knocked out the electricity to towns in the Eshkol region, launched hundreds of missiles, and have been trying to kill as many civilians as they can.

And despite all that, Israel is agreeing to a ceasefire with Hamas after we only began to start hitting them back!

(As an aside, I would like to point out the miraculous nature of how few people have been killed by all these missile attacks, as opposed to how many could have been killed. There are those that like to say that we in Israel are exaggerating the missile threat. I think it's clearer that a dozen kids getting off the school bus minutes before it got hit is yet another example of an open miracle).

Is there any logic here to Israel's actions?

Even Ministers in the government are baffled.

The only explanation I can think of is that the government wants Hamas to stay in power. It prevents a reunification of the Palestinian Authority with Gaza. Meanwhile Hamas activities in the "West Bank" keeps the PA weak and threatened - as well as too busy to concentrate much on launching their own activities against Israelis.

I go back to my original premise. Time to topple the PA. Time to topple Hamas. They're both dangerous to Israel.

If Jordan isn't ready yet to be in the picture, then let's start talking to the local Sheiks - they can't stand the PA and Hamas either.

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Anonymous said...

Now imagine the US agreeing. I can imagine Obama agreeing if he gets reelected. G-d forbid.

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