Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aternative Energy

With the second explosion of the Egypt gas line, cutting off Israel and Jordan from Egyptian Gas, Israel is working on its alternative energy sources.

Probably the IEC will use what it can from Yam-Thetis Marie field, which I recall hearing is quickly approaching empty. Meanwhile the massive finds of the Tamar aren't yet available but should by 2013 (or maybe next year) and Leviathan fields by 2017.

The IEC (Israel Electric Company) will probably be falling back on alternative energy sources, specifically coal and diesel fuel to replace the Gas it won't be getting from Egypt.

What this temporarily means is slightly higher electricity prices and more pollution.

But once Israel finally dumps Egyptian gas as unreliable (and who would rely on them at this point?), that's a billion dollars of revenue lost to the Egyptians.

Whose interest is it to destabilize Egypt so significantly? Iran? Hamas? Bedouins? The Muslim Brotherhood? The Mubaraks?

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