Saturday, April 09, 2011

Watch Iron Dome take out a real missile

Here is a video of the newly operation Iron Dome anti-missile defense system in Israel in action.

What you will see is a Kassam Grad missile flying towards Ashkelon.

Within a second of launch the "Red Alert" siren goes off in Ashkelon and surrounding communities.

The Iron Dome system tracks the Kassam rocket and launches a countermeasure rocket.

You then see the Kassam explode in mid-air and Ashkelon is safe.


Palestinian barbarity. Israeli ingenuity.

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josh said...

It is probably a Grad. The kassam is a short range 'dumb' rocket fired in a certain direction, the Grad is a more accurate medium range surface to surface missle.

JoeSettler said...

Correct. More likely a Grad.

Jewishwhiteguy said...

Head down to the "Criticism" area near the bottom. Very costly rockets...

Israel should deduct the cost from what they give to the Palestinians each year... Bill them for every rocket.

josh said...

50 000$ (175 000NIS) a pop is peanuts compared to property damages that Bituach Leumi would need to pay out for a hit on a populated area that would include a car, truck, home, or other building. Multiple people going to the hospital, even for treatment of non-physical trauma would easily cost much more. One person getting hospitalized is worth more than 50 000$.

The question now is what will happen after this 'change of equilibrium' or paradigm change. The 'separation barrier' did not stop the suicide bombings directly, but it instead it had a major success in psychology on the Yosh Arabs putting them into despair of being closed in.

BBJ said...

Hey everyone. Can someone explain to the American cuzine what's up with this?

Unattributed article in Debka states:

"But Sunday, April 10, they learned that their government had succumbed to a "ceasefire" deal that would perpetuate the harassment: Hamas and the Jihad Islami agreed to desist from attacking Ashdod, Beersheba, Ofakim and Netivot, Palmachim and Kiryat Gat, the towns at the outer edge of their range, but permitted to keep up their regular mortar and missile fusillade against the communities abutting on the Gaza Strip."

I've got people Facebooking me in hysterics. What's actually going on? The JPost is not giving this version.

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