Friday, April 01, 2011

Egged Bus Company's Apartheid Policy

The Israeli Federation for Animal Rights last week organized protests against the Apartheid policy of Israel's national bus company Egged.

In an Arab village close to the Lebanon border, goats and a dog occupied the local bus station where they demanded entrance to the Egged buses.

Egged now mulls the establishment of so called "inter-creative bus lines" based on an ancient concept taken from the book of Genesis/Bereisheet.

In the new concept, dubbed "Noah", the front part of the buses will be for Haredi men only, the middle part will be for all other Israeli girls (women) and the back of the bus -- for all other creatures.

Photo Credit: Leah Rabinsky

This has been an April First Production...

hat-tip: Missing Peace

Shabbat Shalom,


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NormanF said...

Good question.

I was expecting to hear Egged offer a very special bus service to Hamas... with partitioned seating for men and women! ;-)

Anonymous said...

"the middle part will be for all other Israeli girls (women)"

should have been

"the middle part will be for charedi girls from age 0-120".

Just to make the joke clearer.

Isreview said...

Great Photo! Happy First:)

Buddy said...

Careful, PETA will complain that Israel is using animals as shields against bus bombs.

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