Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Gruban Malic found alive in Gaza

Reporters on the Arab-Israeli conflict haven't always been the most reliable source of information when it comes to reporting events. From staged photos to photo fraud (isn't that almost the same?), to unbalanced articles.

Jameel and I were discussing the attack on reporters in the Hamas Occupied territories of Gaza the other week, including the attack on the Reuters' office.

Human Rights Watch has found that freedom of expression for reporters can be rather limited these days in the Arab Occupied Territories in Israel. Reporters risk beatings and torture by their fellow Arabs, especially if they dare tell the truth

Then again that's true in many Arab countries, though sometimes the reporters simply don't tell the truth because they just want the story, and not just because it's about Israel, or their fear of Arab governmental torture.

This played out recently when one Al Quds radio reporter discovered that an Arab allegedly killed in an Israeli attack, was actually alive and well.

Imagine that. No surprise there actually. It's happened before - 2 points for the reader that finds the post with the video showing the live dead guy's funeral (or is that the dead live guy's funeral?).

But the real question is, did Goldstone include this imaginary death in his Goldstone report?

It's certainly not the first time Goldstone has been (officially) fooled by imaginary stories that fit the narrative he wanted to believe.

So with Goldstone eagerly eating up anything Hamas fed him, no matter how non-credible it was, the question begs to be asked... was this imaginary death one of them?

Should we call our imaginary Gaza victim Gruban Malic?

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