Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They didn't use Goldberg's nails.

From the Daily Telegraph...
"The film, 'The Nails of the Cross' by [Orthodox Jew] Simcha Jacobovici, follows three years of research during which he presents his assertions - some based on empirical data, others requiring much imagination and a leap of faith.

He hails the find as historic, but most experts and scholars dismissed his case as far-fetched, some calling it a publicity stunt.

Many ancient relics, including other nails supposedly traced back to the crucifixion... Many were deemed phony, while others were embraced as holy.

"What we are bringing to the world is the best archaeological argument ever made that two of the nails from the crucifixion...have been found," he said.

"Do I know 100 per cent yes, these are them? I don't."

Headline Reference.

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Anonymous said...

Let me guess: his next film will "prove" that Jesus was a proudly gay proudly frum Jew.

(Besides, I never understood why non-Christians take a historical Jesus for granted.)

S. said...

>(Besides, I never understood why non-Christians take a historical Jesus for granted.

Probably for the same reason non-Jews take a historical Hillel for granted. It makes more sense than the alternative.

ZoomZoom said...

jezus never existed. And don't go point to the Gemara and shout HERE HERE!
The xian 'jesus' is a conglomerate of pagan deities and mismatched-
Talmudic quotes bundled with some whopper fairytail lies that would make ol' Walt green with envy.

The man as Christians describe never existed.

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