Thursday, April 07, 2011

Why Channel 10's News is Beyond Unethtical

Channel 10's "exclusive" scoop yesterday that PM Netanyahu "double billed" for trips abroad is one of the most pathetic excuses for yellow journalism I have ever seen. In their witch hunt attempt to get Netanyahu out of power, they are going over single receipt of his they can find...and when they can't find any evidence of wrong doing, I guess they have to manufacture their own damning evidence.

Their video broadcast is here -- please go to 3:06 in the video and you'll see where they show the alleged invoice which implies double billing of Netanyahu's trip.

I screen snapped it for you:

Now, here's the actual, non-digitally-manipulated version of the invoice. (except for the red circle to emphasize what was removed from the Channel 10 version)

You can almost make out the photo shopping of the Channel 10 doctored invoice, where they labored to remove the word "cancelled" -- which clearly states, THERE WAS NO DOUBLE BILLING.

Look, I'm far from the world's greatest fan of PM Netanyahu, but the witch hunt against him, using doctored evidence is simply beyond unethical.

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NormanF said...

Agreed. And Netanyahu will win that libel and slander suit.

Its shoddy journalism, with a reckless and knowing disregard for accuracy and the truth.

I hope the network goes under.

Anonymous said...

Someone got fired in the U.S. when they did this to Bush. Wonder if anyone will get fired here.

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