Thursday, April 07, 2011

NIF loses its suger daddy

The rumors have been going around for the past half year. The Ford Foundation would be stopping their funding of the New Israel Fund and related NGOs in Israel. NIF received a whopping $20 million over the past 5 years (and another $20 million before that).

When first heard, one could only hope it was true that the Ford Foundation would stop funding groups involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict (especially when in our eyes none of them are pro-Israel).

And now it's proven to be true. The current grant expires in 2013 and won't be renewed.

The Forward has the full report. Yet another Naqba for the Left this week.

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Anonymous said...

You could have called this post 'Waiting for Ben Murane'.

Anonymous said...

Good news if this is true. The Ford Foundation has apologized for the anti-Semitism of Henry Ford, and if they want to keep from supporting anti-Semitism again they should just stay out of Arab-Israeli politics.

Anonymous said...

2 years until they cease funding... plenty of time for them to find more hate money.

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