Thursday, April 07, 2011

Netanya Train Station Incident

Updates at the beginning of the post after the headline.

Initial post 9:27 AM: Mada has announced a mass casualty incident at the Netanya train station. The incident has occurred at the center platform northbound track of the train station. The incident occurred at 9:26AM.

10:08 AM 20 lightly injured. 1 moderately injured.

9:43 AM Not a mass casualty event.

9:41 AM The two trains collided 100 meters south of the train station.

9:40 AM No one trapped on the train anymore.

9:39 AM 10 mostly lightly injured.

9:38 AM Most of the injuries are light injuries.

9:37 AM 4 trapped on the train that we know of.

9:36 AM 2 trains collided north of Netanya. Many injured. People trapped on the train.

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Jenny said...

As of now, Ynet's reporting only light injuries.,7340,L-4053430,00.html

NormanF said...

Just a train collision.

Thank G-d it wasn't a terrorist attack.

Carol said...

Oh my! I'm glad to hear no one was seriously hurt from the accident. I hope they get better soon.

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