Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unity in Phases

I'm confused why our government officials are screaming their heads off against the Fatah-Hamas Terrorist Reconciliation.

They're saying it will block peace. They're saying it will free terrorists. They're saying that the IDF will have to go on higher alert levels. But mostly they're saying it will stop the peace process.

Do they think that Fatah (the PA) really cares? Do they really think that the PA plans to keep up this fiction for much longer?

They're not interested in peace. They're interested in a Palestinian state that replaces Israel. They're interested in declaring it in September.

They're also apparently a lot smarter than many of our ministers.

Scenario 1 is that by September the EU, the UN, and everyone else willfully ignores that Hamas is part of the PA government. They go to the UN. Everyone votes for the new terrorist state - the US certainly won't be a party-pooper and veto it. And presto, instant state.

Scenario 2. This summer they launch a full out war against Israel with Hezbollah's help. At some point they run to the UN and beg for a cease fire, and while they're at it, declare this their war of independence, which the UN will recognize as such (you can bet they like this scenario better, because it includes a war).

In either scenario, they get a state and come October, Hamas takes over. But they don't care. Phase 2 will have been achieved.

The PA isn't interested anymore in maintaining the fiction of Peace, because they are solely working towards a unilateral declaration of a state and war with Israel.

The sooner our government acknowledges that, the better.

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Unknown said...

once upon a time you wrote that something is wrong with modiin... now I see it everywhere...

NormanF said...


The sooner Israel moves to take over Yesha and dissolve the PA as an enemy organization, the better Israel will be placed to avert a situation dangerous to its future.

The Palestinians killed the peace process and revoked Oslo.

There's no longer any sense in continuing with the charade peace is attainable in the foreseeable future.

The Arabs have chosen to confront Israel over peace with the Jewish State.
None of this is Israel's fault.

Now Israel must gird itself for the long struggle that lies ahead.

JoeSettler said...

Well that didn't take long.

The UN welcomes the reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah.

The EU wants Fatah to be in charge as the fig leaf.

JoeSettler said...

Avi: I'll let Jameel know. He's in Milluim. But at least its not an Easter egg hunt.

Your Correspondent said...

You guys are far too cynical. I am sure that Hamas will wait 6 months or even a year before taking over. They will all want the copious foreign aid and diplomatic activity to make sure their taking over a going concern.

Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria are all backed by Iran, so the Abbas-Fayyad team has no chance against the combination. So why rush? A dignified retirement for 75-year old Abbas and Carter-approved elections ought to pump up the aid very nicely.

Most of the reports say they are going to declare a state "In the 1967 lines". Um, isn't that all Israel now? Can we at least assume they mean outside the green line?

If they make the declaration, somebody will foist a new peace process on us. It will have a new texture but a familiar flavor. We will need to adopt to the new situation.

Your Correspondent said...

Oops --

Fayyad is out already. My timeline is beginning to look ragged...

Atlanta Roofing said...

There's every reason to believe that functional integration of HAMAS with P.A./Fatah will prove illusory. The internal power struggle hasn't been resolved by this and Fatah will realize in time they've lost influence among their constituents and the external community. It will certainly impede relations with the United States as HAMAS insidiously spreads its influence into the west bank...and they shall do exactly that. The Israeli political factions will be forced to the right as well.

Sharon said...

I don't see why, if the General Assembly, votes for a Palestinian state along 1967 Armistice Lines, it means that it becomes a reality. A state exists when a state exists in reality, not before. They all have it backwards as declarations on pieces of paper and votes cast in agreement do not a state make. The bureaucrats and politicians are trying to create facts on paper, but reality is being denied.

Now the underlying problem is that because of the UN vote Israel will be under far more pressure to give in. That's the problem. Israel gets pressured by the Nations because she so desperately wants the acceptance of the Nations and that means that our governments are willing to give in to international pressure. She wants to loved by them and wants to continue to exist. These two are entirely contradictory and it's about time Jews learned that. Maybe now Israelis and all Israeli governments will realize that there's no way to get the love and acceptance of the Nations without agreeing to suicide.

The time has come that we just have to accept that there's no way to get them to accept us because every time they pressure us to surrender it only assists setting us up for our destruction at the hands of the Arabs. That's all this is - the Nations pressure us to agree to weaken ourselves in order for our Arab enemies to destroy us. In that way they can assist in our destruction but say "Israel's blood is not on our hands".

Many believe that if we don't give into the will of the Nations then we'll be a pariah state like South Africa was. But S.A. was based on natural resources like gold and diamonds and the nations easily boycotted S.A. until the blacks took over. In contrast, Israel has no natural resorces, nuts, we don't even have enough water. Our rescorces are not natural but human. We have brains that the world needs and they can't tell our business and research people to put Arabs in our place because they know that the Arabs don't have the brains they need. So boycotting us won't work.

The solution is for Netanyahu to stop courting the Nations for acceptance and we should defend ourselves without regard to what the Nations think or want us to do. The past 60+ years of Israel's existence is marked by being essentially defensive and marked by unending restraint. The time is well passed when we have to remove the restraints and go for the jugular of the Arab terror machine and go for victory rather than work for a pointless and unworkable stalemate.

josh said...

The Israeli media does not want you to know about this and will shut up those who are aware of the scenarios. Dan Shilon apparently has banned Guy Bechor from his morning show.!/video/video.php?v=10150177519472849&oid=116311335054069&comments

I don't understand why 'everyone' is wondering what will happen in Palistan vis a vis the Arab uprisings. It already happenned here and that was the harbringer for the rest of the Arab world. Hamas took over Gaza in democratic elections, and now it might do the same in Yehuda and Shomron.
FWIW, the Oslo war start in October 2000 was actually the main diversion of the internal Arab uprising in Yesha. Look back at news of the summer of 2000. Palestinians were taking to the streets in protest of the Palestinian Authority, corruption and the reduction in quality of life over the Oslo 90s. The PLO found the perfect diversion when Sharon visited the Temple Mount and Pallywood created the Dura shooting. The rest is history, and we are living with the fiction of intifada2 since then.

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