Monday, April 04, 2011

Israeli Peace Activist Murdered in Palestinians

Peace in our time....ooops.
The Israeli-Arab actor Juliano Mer-Khamis was shot to death in Jenin, Palestinian police in the West Bank announced.

The actor was shot by a number of masked men who fired at him while he was sitting in his car near his theater, afterwards fleeing the scene, witnesses say. Mer-Khamis has resided in Jenin and Haifa alternately.

Civil Administration officials say his body has been transferred to the Abu-Kabir Forensic Institute.

The 52-year old Mer-Khamis, a pro-Palestinian political activist born to a Jewish mother and Arab father, has previously received death threats after establishing a theater at Jenin refugee camp. (YNET)

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NormanF said...

The Wicked son is murdered by the Wicked.

I can't exactly say I feel sorry for him - it seems he was taken in by his own propaganda about how peaceful the Arabs are.

He found out just how much that is true - with his own life!

KACH 613 said...

What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Tragic but also so, so ironic that I can't help being slightly amused.
Am I going to hell?

Anonymous said...

he was not a peace activist

i suggest you watch his doc, arna's children to see exactly how he and his mother trained soon to be jenin terrorists to hate jews

he was an evil man who got what was coming to him

may his soul never find peace

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