Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cucumber in a Sock Paralyzes Holon

Ynet reports that this morning's traffic jams in Holon, specifically on the main street, "Sederot Kugel" (Kugel Avenue) was caused by a suspicious object, suspected of being a bomb.

Police closed off traffic in both directions for over one and a half hours as sappers worked to investigate the object located in s bus shelter.

Sappers determined that suspicious object underneath the bench in the bus shelter, was simply a cucumber in a sock.

Just last week, a bomb exploded in a criminal-related attack, when a booby-trapped motorcycle exploded in Kiryat Ata, killing the motorcyclist and wounding 10.

And now back to voting JoeSettler, off the blog.

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Mikeage said...

Just this morning, we (4th floor...) were discussing improvised weapons in socks (soap, billiard balls, etc).

Amazingly, no one suggested a cucumber.

Lurker said...

This was no doubt a publicity stunt by the pop band Ping Pong, in an attempt to make a comeback.

The back of the hill said...

Evil sock cucumber! Aaaaaaugh!

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