Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Ad Campaign on Egged Buses

A new ad campaign is running on Egged buses in Jerusalem -- the Temple is photshopped onto the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, replacing the familiar Golden Dome Mosque.

The ad headline reads, "And May the Temple be Rebuilt, Speedily in Our Days." (source)

Sound good to me!

Chag Sameach -- a Happy, Healthy and Kosher Passover to all our readers, friends and family.

Update: And for those of you who appreciate Talmud, the following is an alternative "Echad Mi Yodea"...

hat-tip: Tzvi



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RivkA with a capital A said...

I LOVE the alternate echad mi yodea! When you read my post on Sh'vi'i L'Fesach, you will understand why! (the post will be up, the day before)

realRightWinger said...

and a happy rammadan to you to Jameel - going up north in a few hours.


Nachum said...

Great song!

It's not a photoshop- it's the standard painting from the Machon HaMikdash. But Amen!

NormanF said...

The entire point of Jerusalem is the Temple. Its bringing G-d back down to the earth and as long as Jews desist from the task, the stones at the Kotel will continue to shed tears. That must be done exactly the same way Israel was restored - through human effort. Only then will Jerusalem truly be a light unto the nations.

Happy Pessah and Chag Sameach!

gih said...

That's a good idea. People may get attention to it.

YMedad said...

I have the original source for that bus poster:

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

YMedad: Great photos and links -- but I had the scoop first :-)

Moadim LSimcha!

YMedad said...

Of course.
From a secondary source.
Now try this

Don Cox said...

"The entire point of Jerusalem is the Temple."

My understanding is that Herod's Temple was not built on the same site as Solomon's Temple. If so, is there any reason why a new Temple cannot be built on a new site in Jerusalem?

Obviously building a large mosque on top of the remains of the Herod Temple was a deliberately anti-Jewish act by the Muslims, but I doubt if trying to undo it now is worth the anguish.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Don: Yes, the 2 Temples were built on the exact same site...and the third one will be built in the exact same location as well.

The golden domed structure is on top of the rock where the third temple will be built.

Anonymous said...

Egged removed the campaign.

YMedad said...

Don, Jameel is absolutely right.
All Herod did was enlarge the exsting Temple Mount compound, mostly north and south.

I can't find an online Eng. translation (maybe somewhere in the Chabad sites) but here it is in Hebrew, Laws of the Holy Temple, Chapt. 1, 3 - the third Temple will be built where the frist two were, exactly

הלכות בית הבחירה פרק א

ג כיון שנבנה המקדש בירושלים--נאסרו כל המקומות כולן לבנות בהן בית לה', ולהקריב בהן קרבן; ואין שם בית לדורי הדורות אלא בירושלים בלבד, ובהר המורייה שבה--שנאמר "ויאמר דויד--זה הוא, בית ה' האלוהים; וזה מזבח לעולה, לישראל" (דברי הימים א כב,א), ואומר "זאת מנוחתי, עדי עד" (תהילים קלב,יד).

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