Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't Give Them Guns

Last week, four IDF soldiers went jogging in Hebron. Three were unarmed, and one was their armed escort. Unfortunately they made a wrong turn, and ended up in a bad area of Hebron.

The local terrorists starting attacking and lynching them. The soldiers were very badly beaten up until they managed to escape.

The armed soldier in the group refused to open fire and was beaten up too.

Why did the soldier not shoot – even in the air?

Presumably because he was more afraid of going to jail than he was in saving his own life.

The JPost is reporting that the IDF is tightening its open fire rules. Even if they are being stoned, a soldier may not fire – even into the air!

Even if they have a firebomb thrown at them, a soldier may not fire – even into the air!

As Palestinian violence is rising, as Arab terrorists are becoming more active, the army/government is playing Russian Roulette with the lives of our soldiers.

Why not just take their guns away from them?

Don't give them guns.

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Yonatan said...

They seem to be trying to avoid the "spark" that ignites this thing big time? Here's a thought, how about you just do the right thing and let the chips fall where they may. If the Pali's don't like it, they can stop trying to kill us.


Avraham said...

I am glad you are noticing this problem. Soldiers ought to have the right to defend themselves. The fact is that every time a soldier gets taken to jail for crazy reasons this lowers the moral of all soldiers. The first thing that should happen when the conduct of a soldier is under investigation is that (army chief) ramatkal should express solidarity with that soldier until guilt is proved. (Just the opposite of the behavior of Barak when there was a fatal helicopter accident at an exercise that he was at and he ran away from there to distance himself from that scandal and every since then his behaviors has show the same "high standards")

Olah Chadasha said...

They should give them flowers. I heard that worked to stop the Vietnam War. What, it didn't?

Kae Gregory said...

In other words, Israel is going to be Israel's Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

I love your post because it's followed by the advertisement for Caliber 3-Learn to Shoot.
We should arm everyone. Restraint is for those Tel Aviv dwelling lefties who don't have to see the enemy everyday.
We should arm people and encourage them to use their weapons. That will stop the car stoning for sure.
If there was a pile of the enemy's bodies on the side of the road, that would definitely encourage better behavior on their part.
Let soldiers do what they're supposed to do. shoot.
Don't you think so?

NormanF said...

Take Ehud Barak and use him as a human shield.

That should solve the IDF's problem in defending its soldiers from Arab rioters and terrorists!

SOL said...

How much stricter are the rules that the soldiers must follow versus the ones that a regular citizen with a gun must follow?

Anonymous said...

Now even Joe Settler and The Muqata use the term Palestinian to refer to the Arabs that until recently had NO NATIONALISTIC claim to Israel. Way to legitimize them Joe and Jameel!

Keep up the good work! Next Year in Palestine!

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