Wednesday, March 03, 2010

More Dubai Assassins -- Released for Publication

The Dubai chief of police has released yet another 5 passport photos of alleged assassins. These people should be considered extremely dangerous, and they are wanted for murder by Interpol.

Please alert the authorities if you see them...or their passports.

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The back of the hill said...

Hah, anybody can tell that they're Israelis!

jonathan becker said...

the kid in the middle is obviously michael jackson- the nose is a dead giveaway. in the hullabaloo surrounding his faked death, he was able to become the mossad agent he always wanted to be, finally at peace with himself. and now you've outed him! you meaney.

remember, he lived in dubai for many years. what did you think he was doing there?

Lurker said...

jonathan becker: the kid in the middle is obviously michael jackson...

Impossible, since the kid in the middle is clearly black.

Jackson is probably the second one from the right.

jonathan becker: ...and now you've outed him! you meaney.

Hey, it was the Dubai police chief who outed him. Don't blame Jameel.

josh said...

Their proud Zionist parents definitely ran to get them foreign citizenship after they were born.

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