Sunday, March 07, 2010

Hoping Ajami Loses an Oscar

Israelis are trying to understand the comments made today by Oscar-nominated film Ajami's Israeli Arab co-director Scandar Copti. The film is a rather brutal description of life in the Yafo neighborhood, "Ajami" -- and as in the tradition of the past few years, the film is another nasty portrayal of Israel.

Copti was interviewed today on Israel Army Radio, and stated that "I am not Israel's national team and do not represent her -- it is an extremely technical thing and that's how it works at the Oscars - it says 'Israel' because that's where the money comes from."
"There's a Palestinian director, an Israeli director, Palestinian actors and Israeli actors. The film technically represents Israel, but I don't represent Israel. I cannot represent a country that does not represent me," he said, according to Army Radio (haaretz)
The Israeli Arab director, who received funding for the film from Israel, insists he is not an Israeli Arab, but a "Palestinian" and the Israeli Arab actors are also "Palestinians."

Personally, I hope the film loses. Only wacked-out Israelis think that an Oscar for Ajami is something to be proud of.

To give you an interesting tidbit about the film, the film's policeman, "Dando" is played by a a real life ex-cop, Eran Naim.

Naim's a brutal sort of guy, and he was recently convicted and ordered to pay NIS 25,000 to a protester he attacked during 2005 right-wing demonstration against the disengagement.

Obviously, the star struck actor claims he did nothing wrong, and the directors of Ajami had no moral or ethical qualms about adding this thug to their cast.
In 2005, as right-wing protest against the Gush Katif disengagement was at its peak, Naim was sent to maintain the order at a protest in Ramat Gan. During a confrontation with one of the demonstrators, Akiva Vitkin, Naim stuck his fingers deep into Vitkin's nostrils and pulled his head back.

The incident was captured on camera and was never denied or condemned by Naim, who continued to claim that he used reasonable "normative" force. However, following two testimonies from police officers who said that the technique Naim used was "not taught and not recommended," Justice Hanan Efrati, sentenced Naim to six months of community service and dismissal from the police force. Naim filed an appeal that was denied.

Along with the help of right-wing elements, Vitkin filed for damages against Naim and another police officer, who he claimed beat him in the police station. Naim failed to respond to the lawsuit and never filed a statement of defense.

Vitkin, who was shocked to see Naim in the movie, said during an interview with Channel 2 that "the choice of Eran Naim for the role of the cop is similar to the choice of a rapist to play in a movie about rape."

With the help of attorney Haim Cohen, who represented him on behalf of Human Rights Organization of Yesha, Vitkin appealed to the court and asked for a verdict to be made in the absence of a statement of defense.

Finally, four months ago, the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court instructed Naim to pay Vitkin a total of NIS 25,000 (about $6,600) in compensation, on top of an additional NIS 1000 ($260) for trial expenses. (YNET)

So if you're really true blue and white -- you'll be rooting for this film, to lose.

I know I will.

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Unknown said...

Don't tell me you are like one of those people who think if a movie win the Oscar, that it really make a difference?

It's would be like the people on the left side of the politics in America hoping that "Avatar" win

In hope of waking the people on the right!

Proud Englishman said...

Zionists can't win the Oscar on their own, so they have to try to take the credit from a Palestinian. First the Zionists stole the land, now they're trying to steal the movie credit. It's well known that in addition to making exquisite olive oil, the Palestinians are among the world's pre-eminent film makers. Paradise Now only lost the Oscar because of pressure from the Israel Lobby. While many Jews have won Oscars, no Israeli ever has. This is because Zionism is an ideology in opposition to the spirit of creativity. It only knows how to destroy. The only way that Israel can ever hope to win an Oscar is by taking credit for the work of Palestinians, as they are doing now.

Stupid Brit said...

Which is why on the eve of the Oscars he is denouncing Israel. What better way to win points?

Lurker said...

So if you're really true blue and white -- you'll be rooting for this film, to lose.
I know I will.

Time to celebrate:

Breaking news: Ajami loses foreign language Oscar

Looks like Copti's Israel-bashing wasn't quite enough to earn him an Oscar...

Ji Xiang said...

my god, you do get some stupid comments round here. The Plaestinians are among the world's pre-eminent film makers? do me the favour.
On the other hand, I also don't agree with the post. One of the film-makers was an Israeli Jew, the other an Israeli Arab, and for this reason, the film should be considered Israeli. Nore is it an anti-Israeli film.

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