Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day of Rage

Check back here often as we keep you updated on the "Day of Rage" (press "Refresh" or "F5" in your browser).

If you are just joining us now, The Muqata is providing special coverage of the "Day of Rage." For more understanding of today's events, please scroll down to the bottom of this post, and work your way up.

7:38 AM (Wednesday: Tuesday overnight update) Firebomb thrown last night in Pisgat Ze'ev. Shot policeman recovering. Rocks thrown in Abu Tor last night - 2 cars damaged. 2 Rockets launched from Gaza - fall short. Police expect more violence today. Hundred of tires reported being seen next to section of Road 443 - expectations of attempts to close the highway. Arabs in Jaffa (Yafo) stone 2 buses.

7:11 PM Police shot in hand.  Police hurt by shrapnel, not gunfire.

6:26 PM Unconfirmed Report of 2 Israeli policemen wounded by gunfire in Jerusalem's Ras-al-Amud neighborhood. Details to follow. (source)

5:57 PM
The Jerusalem Post reports that the day of rage is subsiding in Jerusalem. Its getting colder outside, so its not fun to rage in the cold.

5:31 PM
Palestinians reporting more than 100 rioters wounded in Israel's capital city of Jerusalem in today's rage riots over the re-dedication of the Hurva shul. They also report that 67 were arrested. 4 Arab rioters were also injured in a violent clash near Naalin. 14 Policemen/Border Policemen/IDF Soldiers in Jerusalem were wounded by the rock throwers. (ynet, ynet)

4:41 PM More Rage photos...
(also from rotter.net)

4:13 PM Non-Rage Post:
Avner Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister Netanyahu won the National Bible Contest this afternoon (in the non-religious division), and goes up to the International Competition that will take place on Yom Ha'atzmaut / Israel Independence Day. Congratulations!

4:10 PM
Reshet Bet Israel Radio reports that as of now, 8 Border Policemen were wounded in today's rage.

3:37 PM
Earlier this morning, Israeli Arab MK Talb A-Sana's car was [accidentally?] stoned while driving around Jerusalem's rage-infected neighborhoods just outside the Temple Mount. (Walla in Hebrew). No injuries were reported.

3:33 PM Israeli Leftists demonstrate at the Hebrew University Mount Scopes campus, in solidarity with the Arab Rage Day. (Walla in Hebrew)

3:28 PM More pictures -- as Arabs continue the rock rage.

from Reuters via rotter.net

2:25 PM Jerusalem Police lowers rage levels in Ramat Shlomo neighborhood.

Kikar Shabbat reports: Using a slightly different tactic than the US State Department's demands and tantrums, the Israeli police organized a meeting between the Rabbis of the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood and the local Mukhtars (Islamic Religious leaders) of the adjacent Shu'afat neighborhood -- to smooth over the perceived anger from the Arab Shua'afat residents.

The meeting took place under the auspices and security of Israel's Jerusalem police force, and the atmosphere was warm and relaxed.

After the meeting, the 2 sides concluded: If the rabbis and sheiks were running the country, there would have been peace along time ago.

1:54 PM Day of Rage Photos
from Reuters via rotter.net

1:12 PM Senior Hamas Terrorist / Gaza Parliamentarian, Dr. Ahmed Bachar: Slam the Israelis with terror attacks in central Israel. He made these remarks in response to "Desecration of the Al-Aksa Mosque by the Zionists" (ynet in Hebrew)

1:08 PM
Over 49 Arabs wounded in Rage clashes. Riots in Naalin. The Palestinian Red Crescent reports that in the Jerusalem area, 49 Arabs have been wounded, 14 from rubber bullets, 16 from tear gas inhalation, and the rest by body blows. 25 have been arrested by the IDF and Israel Security forces. (Ynet, Hebrew)

12:56 PM Israeli MK Zoo'abi from the Arab party "Balad" calls for a Third Intifada.

"Massive Israeli housing projects in Eastern Jerusalem and in the Arab neighborhoods, expulsion of Palestinians from their homes, confiscation of Israeli ID cards, quashing demonstrations, arresting citizens, tormenting Human-rights workers. Israel's policy is nothing less than ethnic cleansing, and it is a strong reason to start a third Intifada -- it should be an even greater than the last one, when Sharon went to Al-Aksa.

Yesterday, Hamas leader Halil Al-Haiba stated "The blood must be spilled in every place -- this is a religious war"

Fatah leaders are claiming that Israel is fabricating history because there never was a destruction of Jerusalem. (Translated from Globes)

12:45 PM
After massive Arab rage-rioting at the Northern Jerusalem Kalandia IDF checkpoint, IDF forces open fire to restore calm. Reports of 4 wounded protesters. Some seriously.

12:23 PM
The number of wounded IDF Border Policemen by Arab rock rage in Jerusalem today has risen to 3. They were all lightly wounded.

11:47 AM Rock throwing on Modi'in-Jerusalem Highway 443. Windows were smashed and cars were damaged, yet there were no reported injuries.

11:45 AM Photo from my daughter on a day trip to Jerusalem -- car smashed by rocks thrown by a raging Arab mob. Driver hospitalized.

11:30 AM Increased Arab rage throughout Israel. MK Ahmed Tibi ascends the Temple Mount and declares: There is now a new occupation of East Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Sounds of Gunfire are heard in all directions. (YNET)

Arab rock throwers near the Temple Mount are dispersed by Israeli Security forces.

My daughter reports that a man was hurt when Arabs smashed his car with rocks in the Wadi Joz neighborhood, and he required hospitalization. (She's trying to send me a picture now)

Reports of increased rock throwing rage in the Ramalla and Schechem areas, and Hevron is on alert for a potential terror attack.

Magen David Adom raising threat levels in Jerusalem and surrounding areas.

10:20 AM In light of Israel's rebuilding of the Hurva Shul in the Old City of Jerusalem, Hamas has declared a "day or rage".

- Khatem Abd el-Kader, holder of the Fatah's Jerusalem portfolio, called on Palestinians to “converge on Al-Aksa to save it” from “Israeli attempts to destroy the mosque and replace it with the temple.” (JPost)

- Khader called the renovation of the Hurva a “provocation” and warned Israel that it was “playing with fire.” (JPost)

- Mayor of the Beduin city Rahat, Faiz Abu-Sabihan , expressed his support in the struggle, saying that Jews have no right over the Temple Mount, and that Israel's "provocative actions, which undermine the peace, must be stopped." (JPost)

Starting their rage, masked Palestinians clashed with Israeli police in multiple Jerusalem neighborhoods today, hurling rocks and burning tires.

My daughter on a class trip to Jerusalem today, reported to me via SMS minutes ago at 10:21 AM; "In Wadi Joz, they threw a ton of rocks at us, but we're all ok."

I just called her up and she said, "The Arabs threw dozens of rocks at our bus, they kept throwing and throwing. We're all ok." [Note: She's on a bullet proof bus, since she left on a class trip with her school in a settlement community]**

Dozens of Arab youths hurled stones at Border Police officers in the Shuafat refugee camp,Isawiyah and Wadi Joz.

PLO chairman Yasser Abed Rabo called on Israel yesterday to refrain from dedicating the Hurva shul, but Israel did it anyway.

Let's compare Israel's dedication of the Hurva shul, which the PLO called on Israel to prevent, with Israel's call to the PA, not to dedicate a city Square in Ramalla in memory of a terrorist who carried out the deadliest terrorist attack in Israel’s history.

The PA of course, dedicated it, led by PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

And yet - Our best friends in the world, demand we stop building, while they refuse to criticize any action of the Palestinians.

(photo source, here.)

The following video from the Muqata's favorite satire site, Latma, has an exclusive interview the Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage.

We'll be updating you throughout the day on the latest rages.

**Update; My daughter's Ulpana school sent the entire school on 19 buses bullet proof, for a day trip in honor of Jerusalem, on Rosh Chodesh Nissan. The school was divided into 4 groups -- and each will be marching to the Old City of Jerusalem, each from a different direction. My daughter said that her bus had to turn around because of all the rock throwing rage, and is going via a different direction instead.

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yoni r. said...

Is it completely lost on everyone that the renovation of the Hurva shul has been going on publically for years, but they waited until it was finished to protest it? If the Palestinians really thought that the renovation would be a threat to anything they hold dear, they should have protested a long time ago.

Lion of Zion said...

" In light of Israel's rebuilding of the Hurva Shul in the Old City of Jerusalem, Hamas has declared a "day or rage"."

i hope the chief rabbi is taking notes

Gila said...

what's up with the second picture? Arabs beating up other Arabs?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Gila: Probably Mistaravim.

jonathan becker said...

fine reporting, thanks. i had to be in jerusalem all day today and didn't see any of this stuff- all normal, business as usual. maybe a few more security spooks around, but plenty of happy, healthy arabs going about their business- at bituach leumi, the doctors office, just walking around etc. they seem to have special "areas" for protests and the rest of the city is unaffected- for arabs, too. interesting. these are israeli arabs, right?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

jonathan: guess you were in the wrong parts of town ;-)

They don't define themselves as Israeli Arabs, but as Palestinian Israelis.

jonathan becker said...

whatever. you know what i mean. the ones who wouldn't agree to be "palestinian" citizens if you paid them. :)

The back of the hill said...

Those photos are filling me with rage.
Good thing there aren't any Arab neighborhoods in SF. At heart, I am still the type of homicidal mediaeval European tribal my ancestors were. Self-control is a paper-thin veneer. So is civilization.

jonathan becker said...

" At heart, I am still the type of homicidal mediaeval European tribal my ancestors were. Self-control is a paper-thin veneer."

yeah, well the same can be said for all our european "opponents". you are part of a rarified minority, my friend. that is, our friend. i have more faith in your erudition as a weapon than your fur-girded racial nostalgia. for that, we have the magavnikim. :)

Anonymous said...

Why is there a "non-religious" division for the bible contest?

Anonymous said...

Anon: There's a non-religious division of the Bible Contest, in which the questions are simplified (to compensate for them ostensibly knowing Tanakh poorly).

Sort of like "Affirmative Action" for secular Israelis.

Anonymous said...

I would be hard-pressed to say that the secular winners know Tanach poorly.

tafka pp said...

Jonathan Becker- FYI those rioting aren't Israeli Arabs, they're Jerusalem Arabs, ie not Israeli citizens, they mostly hold Jordanian Passports and the large majority of them hold a Teudat Zehut to enable them to receive services from Iriyat Yerushalayim. For anyone else interested, these are pretty much the 3rd column of Palestinians in Israel. (1. Israeli Arabs- or '48 Palestinians, as most of them call themselves, which these days increasingly includes Bedouin
2. "Actual" Palestinians - residents of the territories with no Israeli citizenship whatsoever, and 3. Jerusalem and area residents)

And further, most of the "Jerusalem" category absolutely consider themselves Palestinians and would prefer to be Palestinian citizens in the future, (yes, even though a substantial amount of them work for Jews and enjoy those benefits at present.) The large majority of residents of Abu Tor, Issawiya, Silwan, Jabel Mukaber etc speak no Hebrew, live according to completely separate infrastructures (transport, etc) and don't wish to integrate with their Jewish counterparts on the western side of the city... Hence much eyebrow-raising on the part of the informed when "eternal, undivided Jerusalem" is referred to.

Ari said...

tafka pp:

Jonathan Becker- FYI those rioting aren't Israeli Arabs, they're Jerusalem Arabs, ie not Israeli citizens, they mostly hold Jordanian Passports and the large majority of them hold a Teudat Zehut to enable them to receive services from Iriyat Yerushalayim.

Really? So this large majority of "Palestinians" who are Israeli ID card holders, don't receive the benefits of Israeli citizens?

So why are they always at Bituach Leumi, getting cash/social security benefits?

Neturay Karta is at least honest about it, and doesnt take money from the State.

avi said...

The large majority of residents of Abu Tor, Issawiya, Silwan, Jabel Mukaber etc speak no Hebrew

Bulls**t. From personal experience of 3 years doing 8-8/8-16 shifts at checkpoints around Jerusalem and dealing directly with Arabs, practically all of the young and middle age people who live in the neighborhoods you mention speak Hebrew. The ones who are unable to communicate in Hebrew are usually elderly people or those who come from villages in Samaria. But if it suits your agenda, just roll with it. Why let reality get in the way?

It's funny how the "informed" tend to be foreigners or Israelis who have never actually had to live near Arabs or deal with them on a personal basis.

tafka pp said...

Ari- I said "benefits" - since when were "benefits" not Bituach Leumi?!

Avi- sorry, you're the one who remains "uninformed" here, but unlike you I'm not planning to be rude to you about it. I worked in/around East Jerusalem in Arab orgs for 7 years and still volunteer there. So, two rebuttals: Don't kid yourself that knowing enough words in
Hebrew to regularly pass through an IDF Machsom is "speaking Hebrew", often that's the only Hebrew they know; and don't forget that you would not have met the majority of residents of these areas, most of whom don't actually leave their neighbourhoods, and if so don't go to the "west".

I can tell you directly from my involvement in the EJ Palestinian world that the majority of them are not taught Hebrew in any formal capacity, and the community of highly educated EJ Palestinians whose working lives are in the West Bank therefore don't need to use Hebrew and as such don't know it unless at some point they make an effort to learn it, generally taking on English as a second language.

And- FYI I don't have an agenda, I was just trying to clear up a point about what type of Palestinian was "enraged" yesterday and thought Jameel's readers might be interested.

tafka pp said...

Sorry Ari, I stand corrected- I didn't say benefits, I said "services" but I didn't mean to imply that EJ Palestinians aren't privy to Iriya benefits as well.

Kamagra said...

Jonathan Becker- FYI those rioting aren't Israeli Arabs, they're Jerusalem Arabs, ie not Israeli citizens, they mostly hold Jordanian Passports and the large majority of them hold a Teudat Zehut to enable them to receive services from Iriyat Yerushalayim

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