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Smells Like a Putsch

Smells like a Putsch

The following article is an exclusive Muqata translation of an article from NRG/Maariv.

by Kalman Libskind and Arel Segal Posted: 15/3/2010

The narrative of the Palestinians and the narrative of the Israeli press have become completely identical. It seems that have joined together for a putsch against the Israeli Prime Minister.

What has been happening here in recent day's smells like a putsch. Without coordination, but out of an ideological affinity of interests, the U.S. government, the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli media have joined together in a anti-democratic and dangerous move. A putsch against the Prime Minister of Israel and against the decisions adopted by democratic elections.

Just one year ago the citizens of Israel were at the polls. They voted in favor of Zionism, against a Palestinian state, and for Jerusalem. All of Jerusalem, a dream of generations. Three factors did not approve of the vote: the Americans, the Palestinians and the Israeli media. Towards the Palestinians we have no complaints, they are the enemy. The Americans are transparent. Obama's administration which stands weak and limp against a nuclear Iran searches for every opportunity to attack the Israeli government. The timing was just an excuse. It was a spin that the Israeli press, sunken in the bog of obsessive hatred of the right and of Netanyahu, was glad to share with him. There's no question here of left or right. Nor is it a question of one tactical approach or another. This is it; we have reached the core, the heart, the infrastructure of Zionism. At this crucial junction, the Israeli press, almost in one voice, chose to turn their backs on the Zionist dream.

There is no other possibility to explain what has happened here. Only four months ago there were thirty thousand residents of the Gilo neighborhood who woke up in the morning and suddenly found out that they were settlers. Now came the turn of the residents of Ramat Shlomo, the neighborhood adjacent to Ramot in northern Jerusalem. Israeli journalists prove one of two things: either geographic ignorance or ideological malice, as they make the world sense that the planned construction is within the internal organs of the Palestinians.

Go explain to those who do not know that there aren’t and never were any Arabs there. Until we (the Israeli press) shouted that there is a problem; even they didn’t plan to protest against the construction. Arabs did not even bother to file objections to the plan. Only three years ago, Yuli Tamir, the Princess of "Peace Now", awarded the Israel Prize for architecture to the architect who designed the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood and the Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood east of it. Suddenly a Jew stands up in the hometown of King David and announces in Hebrew letters that he is a conqueror.

Journalists drunk with power

Ramat Shlomo has the same status as Gilo, as Ramat Eshkol (about 25 thousand inhabitants), as Armon Hanetziv (about 17 thousand inhabitants), in effect the same status as half of our capital city. This is not a settlement in the middle of an Arab village. This is construction that no prime minister, right or left, ever dreamed of stopping, even for a moment. Anyone who wants to stop it must be honest enough to say out-loud that he is in favor of dismantling everything here and that he wants to return us to the ghetto borders of 1949. Now we also know that the timing of the dedication of the"Horvah" synagogue in the Jewish Quarter is a unhealthy move. In a sovereign Jewish state it is dangerous to inaugurate a synagogue that Arabs destroyed in 1948 because it might disturb the peace of the Palestinians.

There are moments in life when you can expect even from the Israeli media to put aside all the hatred and all the emotions of political vengeance, in order to be mobilized on behalf of the Zionist dream, and assist the Government of Israel to clarify to the Americans that this time they have crossed the line. Instead, they signal to Obama and to Abu-Mazan that they have whom to rely on. Hillary Clinton knows that she only has to leak to the media how she reprimanded Netanyahu over the phone for 43 minutes. The blue-and white media will spread the hysteria.

This is not a new story. This current round began in the city of David. Even Gideon Levy knows that the Arabs who live in this area are construction law offenders. None of them ever asked for, or received permits to even put up one cinder block. And who do the Israeli media blame? The mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, who seeks to bring order. Then came the "Heritage project". Is there anyone here who seriously does not understand that without Rachel's Tomb or the tomb of the Patriarchs we have no heritage? Nevertheless, who did the Israeli media find guilty for the rioting? Of course, Netanyahu.

The narrative of the Palestinian and the narrative of the Israeli press have become identical. They actually overlap. To retreat, to run away and to completely surrender to terrorism. Any opportunity is right. For the History of the Jewish people there is no place on the calendar.

Yesterday a new tree was found to rely on, in the form of the American columnist Thomas Friedman, who joined the critics of the Israeli government when he equated the government to a drunk driver. So with all due respect to Friedman, the 3,000 years old Jewish history in Jerusalem was not written on a keyboard in the New York Times. The only drunks running around here are journalists drunk with the power to harm.

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Happy2BHome said...

Great article. But who is listening? (Sorry for the bitterness, but I gave up on the Israeli media and the American administration years ago.)

Anonymous said...

#1 Happy2BHome.

The Israeli media for the most part absolutely sucks.

jonathan becker said...

bad writing, too many nitpicky details that could easily be disproved and jaw-jutting accusations for the hell of it. but i applaud the general thrust. the question is why do you feel the need to be the english mouthpiece for a couple of 17 year olds in their mom's basement (which is how this reads)?

however, even such spotty adolescents can get the general drift, and they have here. along with, oh another million or so spotty adolescents. who will soon have to join the army, or are busy building dollhouses on the hilltops. so....

Anonymous said...

becker: woke up on the wrong side of the bed today?

jonathan becker said...

you have no idea.

Commenter Abbi said...

Jonathan, uh, you speakn' da Hebrew?

The original Hebrew is fine, above average op-ed Hebrew.

jonathan becker said...

abbi: ok, but "acceptable" writing doesn't excuse the other things i mentioned. in fact, these days, it doesn't excuse anything. believe me, i've tried. also, yes, i have some idea of idiomatic hebrew and how it works out in english translation. the translation isn't the problem here.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog........

josh said...

The media (yediot, maariv, channel 1 and 2) does not suck, they are simply doing the utmost to push their left-wing agenda.

Maariv and Yediot have been really virile lately going back to their 'we hate Bibi' campaign of the late 90s. Ben Caspit from Maariv was so pissed off at Bibi and put all the blame on him for the 'fiasco' with Biden. Caspit wants to give away Jewish land and blamed Bibi for endangering the piece process.

SabaShimon said...

So Becker, how about disproving some of those "nitpicky details" you allude to.
As you should be easy.

jonathan becker said...

@saba- this post is way too far down on the blog page for me to bother answering. i wouldn't get the attention i so desperately crave. also, i don't want to get too deeply into criticism of the original article, since as i said i agree with the general thrust. i'm on THEIR side, believe it or not.

SabaShimon said...

That's pretty much what I thought.

jonathan becker said...

pathetic isnt' it? you're not very entertaining either, i must say.

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