Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Senior Hamas Leader Sits Shiva For Son, "The Green Prince"

Last week, we blogged about the "Green Prince" -- the son of a senior Hamas terrorist who became an informer for Israel's Shabak Secret Service, saved the lives of countless Jews, converted to Christianity, and moved to California.

Outraged at the Muqata Blog's publicity, Senior Hamas Terrorist Sheikh Hassan has publicly disowned his son.
Hamas Web sites published a letter Monday by Sheikh Hassan that the militant group said was smuggled out of the Israeli prison where he is serving a six-year sentence.

In the letter, he said his family announced its "complete renunciation of the one who was once our eldest son, who is called Mosab." The father said though he was sorry to take such, he had no choice after his son "disbelieved in God...and collaborated with our enemies." (Haaretz)
The Muqata's story was featured by the BBC's Blog World -- maybe that had something to do with Sheikh Hassan disowning his son?

Jameel writing on the Muqata blog comments on this week's fascinating story of the son of one of Hamas' founders. Known as "The Green Prince," Mosab Yousef has worked for some time as an informer for the Israeli authorities. The author suggests Yousef's allegiances should be an example to some prominent Israelis.

Makes you wonder how a Gazan-born Muslim, son of the founder and leader of a fundamentalist terror organization managed to orient his moral compass towards helping Israel, yet Ehud Barak and other Israelis are sure that in the same situation, they would have joined a terror organization.

**sitting "shiva" is the Jewish custom for mourning the dead. It's also customary when a parent disowns their child for marrying outside the Jewish faith.

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Lurker said...

Senior Hamas Leader Sits Shiva For Son, "The Green Prince"

I wonder if his friend Menachem Froman will come pay him a shiva call...

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