Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dubai Squad Theme Continues

Riding on the coat tails of the alleged Mossad involvement of the Dubai Hit Squad, the "Chatzi Chinam" supermarket chain is about to run TV commercials based on the infamous "hit squad" characters shopping in "Chatzi Chinam" -- including footage from security cameras (I don't know if it includes a cameo appearance by the Chief of Dubai Police).

The ads should be running soon advertising Pesach sales. I'll post it's video when it comes out.

Meanwhile, in related news, here's a decent short video clip (2:45) from Laatma from this past Purim's edition. Sorry, no English captions, but it is captioned in Hebrew...

hat-tip: ynet via Doubletapper

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Neshama said...

When the Israelis do something (or are accused of doing something!) there is always a smattering of humor in it. This Dubai caper is just chock full of humor; I can't help chuckling whenever I see a humorous connection (or a possible one!).

This is just the greatest idea, all the supermarkets need to do this on Thursdays, when people are shopping for Shabbat; that lady with the hat and the tennis player .... can't help getting so much joy from this (and those stone-cold dubai inspectors), this is the greatest since Laatma!

gfive said...

Thank you , Chris, I found this exercise highly interesting.

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