Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Fatah claims responsibility for (443) Modiin-Jerusalem Shooting Attack

Around 8 PM last night (Tuesday), Palestinian terrorists opened fire on an IDF position adjacent to the Modiin-Jerusalem highway (also know as road 443).

Overlooking road 443, the IDF "pillbox" sits only 5 miles from Modi'in, and is located at the entrance to the Arab village Beit Ur El Tachta.

The Palestinian Authority's terror-wing, Fatah, claimed responsibility in last night's attack -- in which 20 bullets were fired at the IDF position from automatic assault rifles.

I took the following photos of the IDF position this morning. Sorry they are a bit blurry, but I took them while driving past.

Dorit Beinish, Israel's Ivory Tower Chief Justice recently ruled that 443 must be opened to complete Palestinian traffic, despite the risks of terror attacks.

Meanwhile, Knesset Members are introducing legislation to bypass Her Highness, and annex highway 443 to Israel, so that the IDF can continue to provide security on the highway.

Terror Attack Credit: Arabs48/Fatah website.

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jonathan becker said...

you know, in england you could be arrested just for taking such photographs of military installments. good thing we're not in england. although i wouldn't recommend pulling over to the side of the road and setting up your tripod.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Jonathan: There were no signs up saying that photography was prohibited! (But I did take them while driving past and not stopping :)

Anonymous said...

Jameel was probably too scared to stop on the side of the road because of the shooting attack on 443 the previous night.

chicken. didn't even stop to take a decent photo for the blog.

Avraham said...

It is illegal. But I still thank you for the important information

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