Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Gadget for Pesach: The Lateral Recliner!

Just what you need for your seder....the "lateral recliner."

At first I thought this was a joke...apparently, it isn't! (Heck, if the personal mechitzas are real, nothing can surprising me anymore)

hat-tip: The REAL rightwinger (not JoeSettler)

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Critically Observant Jew said...

Is it me or does the guy have an accent?

annie said...

Yes, he sounds Hungarian or some such.

Neshama said...

I guess no one picked up on this. Since everything in Israel equates into the political; are they trying to get the haredim to lean LEFT?
Does that make him a Leftist?
Do they have these for RIGHTists?
In Israel everything is political.

PS Just loved the humor in this.

Anonymous said...

actually it looks like a good idea. so how do i buy one in chu"l?

Balashon said...

Back here I discussed the development of "mesubin":


Looks like if this device catches on, I'll need a new section...

jen in israel said...

Hilarious. Also funny that the directions on how to order one in "chul" are only in Hebrew. The upper left corner has a red box where you can click to see pictures of the product and its packaging. In that link (another video) there are directions for ordering: "$25 plus shipping and handling fees for addresses outside Israel." To dial internationally, dial: +972-3-6879390 - though I just called and there's no answer. Maybe try writing to the gmail address listed. Pesach sameach to all!

Shmuel Veffer said...

As the inventor of the KosherLamp I have to give this guy 10 points for creativity. Actually, before I left Kosher Innovations to start up our new company, I thought of this idea but nixed it for a number of reasons. Glad somebody else did it.

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