Sunday, March 21, 2010

Motzei Shabbat Roundup

Shabbat was rather noisy for some. Here's a roundup of events from the past day...

- 14 mortars hit the Kissufim checkpoint between Gaza and Israel in Southern Israel.

- Qassam rocket hits South of Ashkelon

- 2 Qassam rockets hit Ashkelon Municipal Region

- Qassam misfires and lands in Gaza

- Palestinians claim a 16 year old demonstrator was killed by live IDF gunfire in Shechem -- the IDF is investigating the claim, since they claim they did not use live fire to quash the riots. Rotter net claims he was shot from behind with 7.62 caliber ammunition (AK47) which would mean he was shot by Palestinians. (source)

- Palestinians riot at Kalandia checkpoint area in Northern Jerusalem

- Palestinians riot at Shuafat checkpoint area in Northern Jerusalem

- Color Red Air Raid Siren alert sounded over Shabbat in Ashkelon, Netivot, Sederot, and the surrounding communities of Gaza.

- Minor Earthquake in Northern Israel around 8:30 PM. (source)

- Suspected Terrorist infiltration into Efrat. IDF, Police and Rapid Response Units searched for the terrorist for 2 hours. All emergency forces relieved at 11:45 PM.

- Peace Now demands that Israel's Education Minister Gidon Sar not speak at a Pro-Zionist conference hosted by "Im Tirzu". Yariv Oppenheimer says that "Im Tirtzu" led a fascist, violent, and aggressive ad campaign against the "New Israel Fund" which was designed to delegitimize and incite against the "peace and human rights organizations." (source)

Shavua tov -- a peaceful and rage-less week to us all.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this summary, usually this job takes me half an hour motzeich !

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you publishing the New Israel Fund document that was uncovered? The one that exposes their tactics and plans to steal land from Jews and get transfered it to Arabs.

Shira said...

steal land or buy it like we do?

Anonymous said...

Not buy.

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