Friday, July 17, 2009

The Arab problem with Shai Dromi

Bedouin leadership are planning protests and legal escalations against the acquittal of Negev farmer Shai Dromi.

Over the years, Dromi’s farm suffered a series of robberies and attacks, apparently originating from nearby Bedouin encampments and the Palestinian Authority.

His sheep have been stolen. His house burned down. His tractors stolen. His horses stolen. His dogs killed.

You name it. It’s been taken.

And unfortunately not much effective assistance from the local police – who are afraid or unable to confront the Bedouin or “Palestinian” thieves.

Only once did he recover his flock of sheep, only to have them stolen again 3 weeks later.

Two years ago, upon hearing strange sounds coming from his guard dogs, he awoke, and began searching his perimeter.

He found his fence cut, his lock broken, his dogs poisoned, and 4 men with fence cutters and metal bars standing over him on his property.

He shot and killed one of them, and wounded another.

It took two years, but he was finally acquitted and a law was created that permitted the use of deadly force in cases like his.

But the thief he killed was a Bedouin. And now the Bedouin’s are protesting the “racist” decision that “cheapens the value of human life” particularly members of the Bedouin community. They plan to fight the court’s decision.


Other reactions from the Arab sector include:

"This is a mark of Cain on Israel's legal system's forehead," MK Ahmed Tibi (UAL-Ta'al) said.

"The life of an Arab, even when shot in the back, is not equal before the law. Dromi's hands are dripping with the Negev fatality's blood. Even judges have prejudices," Tibi said in a statement.

MK Taleb A-Sanaa (UAL-Ta'al) said that "the court succumbed to the racist atmosphere and acquitted a murderer, thus giving a green light to a trigger-happy reality."

"Today's ruling will be forever lamented," A-Sanaa continued, "and I have no doubt that if the shooter were an Arab, the outcome would have been different."

As an aside, robberies of Jewish farms in the Negev dropped after the shooting.

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aliyah06 said...

Hmmmm.....I'm not getting it because (1) I come from a place where if someone breaks and enters at night, you get to shoot in self-defense and most us own guns and (2) are the Bedouin SERIOUSLY suggesting that if the shoe were on the other foot (Jews, or other Arabs stealing THEIR sheep in the middle of the night) they wouldn't shoot? Horse pucky! What utter nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Jameel or Joe - can you post about the privatization of public land, aka "the land reform?"

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Anonymous: Will try to get to that later today. Its a topic that deserves attention.

Yochanan said...

Doesn't his name mean "Shai The Southerner"? Fitting for someone living in the Negev.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Yochanan: Absolutely.

Leah Goodman said...

As an American, it's completely obvious to me that if you're robbing someone, they can and may shoot you.

Anonymous said...

A man cheapens his own life when he chooses to steal. What does Islam do in this case? Cut off the hand. Doesn't that mean that a theif's life is cheapened? (One hand less makes for a cheapened body and therefore cheapened life.) Why blame the court or a Jew for what the thief does on his own as confirmed by Islam.

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