Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dan Meridor Questions US (Obama) Credibility

I completely missed all this earlier until it started causing the US State Department spokesman a lot of trouble.

Dan Meridor (of all people!) said that the US must honor its agreements with Israel regarding settlements, and just because a new US administration came in, doesn’t mean that suddenly all former agreements are null and void.

"It was agreed that the Israelis can go on building within certain parameters. That's what happened, and no word was said against it in six years."

Basically Meridor was saying that Obama’s new policy destroys US credibility.

This is Dan Meridor speaking!

Meanwhile Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said that “Israel acts and will act in line with its national interests, our rights in Jerusalem, including its development cannot be challenged”.

Them there are fighting words.

And they certainly caused the US State Department Spokesman some consternation.

And when continued to be pressed about all these statements, and then asked, “Would U.S. be ready to exert some financial pressures on Israel to convince the government to stop settlements?”

The US State Department spokesman did not say that the US would not put financial or other pressure on Israel (which would have been a normal response under most other US administrations), but instead replied that it is “premature to talk about that” – which implies that it is something the US is considering.

UPDATE (7/23/2009):

IDF and Defence Ministry held an emergency meeting today regarding the State Department remarks. They are examining the possibility of US sanctions on Israel and discussing alternatives.

Among the alternatives discussed is actually competing on the international market in areas that the US has restricted Israeli activities to prevent competition with US companies.

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Batya said...

I hate to quote that ol' Chinese guy, but the US really is no more than a "paper tiger." All we have to do is say "no" and like in "the mouse that roared," they'll back down.

E-Man said...

I hope you are right.

A Soldier's Mother said...

I am desperately hoping that we have reached some red line that even the government won't agree to cross. Typically, Israeli governments simply redraw lines whenever we cross them - hopefully this time...

I also found it "amusing" - as others have pointed out -that the minute Clinton spoke out against Israeli policy in Jerusalem - she fell and broke her right arm; and then the pope did the same, breaking his right wrist. "If I forget thee, Jerusalem" - seems to be not just a Biblical injunction for the Jews, but perhaps even for international leaders.

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