Sunday, July 12, 2009

Srugim 2.0

Srugim 2.0 is being filmed these days, and Director/Writer Laizy Shapiro put up some stills from the filming sessions on Facebook.

Enjoy -- the interview with Laizy is coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

*Hello*, people!

A Srugim post and not even one comment??

What's going on here?!

Baila said...

Just saw it the post. When will it air?

Anonymous said...

i dont know when it airs but there has started to be some commercials on about the second season on tv
so probably really soon
i found a great site to watch it online since i dont have it on tv
check it out
im sure when the second season will air they will have it too, for now they only got the first season

Anonymous said...

full episodes of srugim online - פרקים מלאים של סרוגים צפייה ישירה

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