Sunday, July 19, 2009

Michael Oren hold his ground

As reported on A7.

The United States demanded that Israel cease construction in the Sheikh Jarakh neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem. The construction site is several yards from the National Police Headquarters.

Israel’s Ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren, was invited during the weekend to the U.S. State Department and was asked to clarify the purpose of the project. A senior political official said that Israel’s right to build in eastern Jerusalem isn’t in doubt and isn’t open for discussion. According to the official, the developer received all necessary permits from the planning committee and the government doesn’t plan to intervene.

Also, the Israeli government will now start using the term "Normal Life" instead of "Natural Growth" when describing Jewish towns created over the 1949 armistice line.

Which is of course exactly what we have here.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah - but Oren's also in favor of kicking all the Jews out of Yesha.

Lurker said...

Also, the Israeli government will now start using the term "Normal Life" instead of "Natural Growth" when describing Jewish towns created over the 1949 armistice line.

Brian Blum should sue the government for copyright infringement...

IsraelHopper said...

But didn't your pal Dov Bare tell you that the US wasn't interfering with Jerusalem, and wasn't telling Israel to not build there, and was treating Israel fairly?

The Bear is Bare!

Anonymous said...


One thing Obama wanted to do, which was to destroy Bibi's prime minster-ship, fell flat.

While on the domestic economy, Obama has also fallen flat.

One of the things magicians do, is called "slight of hand." There was a time Obama intended to slap Bibi around! As he prepared to hand the Saud's "their gift." A claim that the sunni's bested the shi'ites in dividing Israel into two pieces.

Bibi is stronger for having withstood the pressure from America, gracefully.

Obama seems to be weakening. But he's not going to let on. He's out on stage, and he's going to do everything possible not to have flop sweat drip down his face.

But at least on health care, the White House moved away from it's "deadline" of August 7th. This means America's congress critters go home for recess. (Where I'm sure they'll get "feedback" from the people who vote them into office.) Perhaps they'll fear what happened to the donks back in 1992?

Politics is like prize fighting.

And, Obama wears women's jeans.

America also has a long history of watching American Presidents do more than just toss their pants around their ankles. Heck, from LBJ, onward. We've had presidents, with all the powers in the world, mishandling their "trek across the stage of history."

Whose to say that Jimmuh Carter and Barry Hussein Soetero Obama won't be caught fighting his own killer rabbits, ahead?

That's why people keep watching. You think this is knew? Did you know when they made silent films, they called these "weekly adventures" the perils of pauline.

Good, too, that we have films of Charlie Chaplin playing hitler. Where you see a scene, between hitler and mussolini. In a men's barber shop. Where they discover the lever to make their chairs go up in the air. Higher and higher.

If Obama wins, America loses. The risk isn't funny.

NormanF said...

Israel does not need US permission to run its national affairs. The US has no business and no right to tell Israel what it can and cannot do in its own capital. The State Department went too far!

@zionmike said...

So how about also starting to call our communities Villages instead of Settlements?

Tech said...

I don't think Israel is taking too kindly to Obama telling them they can't build on their own land.

Chanan said...

G-d works in mysterious ways.

This specific project has been stalled for over a decade because it was so politically charged-not only is Irving Moskowitz involved, but the Shepherd Hotel was formerly the residence of the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al-Husseini.

Obama's bullying has finally created a political consensus allowing the project to go forward.

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