Saturday, July 04, 2009

Harry Potter appointed heir to Jordan

In a surprise move, Jordan's Dictator Abdullah appointed Harry Potter his son Hussein as the dictator to succeed him.

As it turns out, Hussein Jr. is half Palestinian, which means, the Palestinian State of Jordan (after all, more than 80% of its population identifies itself as Palestinian), will for the first time ever have a dictator who is at least a (half) member of their recently created ethnic group.

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Anonymous said...

The new King of Palestine - not very likely he will succeed his father, the Hashemite regime will not survive Islamists & Palestinian plots against it.
But the resemblance is striking, may be the Crown Prince can find future employment as the Arab version of Harry Potter.

Lurker said...

As it turns out, Hussein Jr. is half Palestinian...

What's the other half? Muggle?

Meanwhile, reports are coming in that Abu Mazen is about to appoint Draco Malfoy as his successor...

Anonymous said...


Stick a crown on someone's head, and Shakespeare would tell ya: IT WEIGHS HEAVY.

You also get no guarantees. Even with despots.

A hundred years from now, if you guessed that the world would be the same, you'd be wrong. And, it will be so different from anything you can imagine; that you should realize THINGS DO CHANGE! Oh, yeah. The arabs will have run out of oil. And, they have no know-how. They can't plant corn and turn it into fuel. They have no brains behind their bankrolls.

I'd bank, first, on the Chinese.

Your Correspondent said...

Meanwhile, we have so many friends in the Arab world we can afford to insult the people who do recognize us?

And we can insult them when they're young and sensitive?

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