Monday, July 20, 2009

The Boycott Escalates

The UK has struck again.

First it was academics, then military arms, now it's water.

Unison Scotland, the second largest union in Great Britain, has called on people to boycott Eden Springs UK, the British subsidiary of the Mei Eden Israeli bottled-water company.

On July 8th, the union published a notice in which it noted that Mei Eden's wells were located on the Golan Heights, which, it claims, are "occupied territories", according to the United Nations. Therefore, according to the union, a Hague treaty makes it illegal for Israel to distribute the water.

Of course, the water distributed in Scotland and other European countries is from local springs, and not from Israel.

So which UK company should we call for a boycott of next in exchange?

How about British Airways?

Jameel adds: See the 102 idiots supporting this boycott on facebook's "I Don't Drink Eden Springs" activist group.

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realRightWinger said...

New boycotts for UK -
1. Do not allow them to watch Sky TV - without paying a premium fine to the State of Israel - Each person should pay $1 per month in the fine. Sky TV is based on Israeli Technology.

2. Do not allow UK residents to use Israeli medical technology without paying $50 fine per month.

3. Close UK Embassy in Tel Aviv - and eject the uk staff.

4. Close UK Console in Jerusalem -

5. Disallow BBC to work or transmit from Israel.

Written by an Ex-UK Citizen

ADDeRabbi said...
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