Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obama meeting update:

Obama acknowledged that some in the [Jewish] community were worried about his position [on Israel].

Obama acknowledged there is a 'misperception' that the US was disproportionately pressuring Israel.

( Wow! Sounds just like one of his straw men speeches, which He always knocks out at the beginning of his talk: "Some say", "There are those that say", and "Those who oppose us would have you believe" - I guess if straw man arguments convince you, then all must be well).

Only the OU went on record as having a problem with the President's position. It wasn't a great response, but it was better than the lack of public response by anyone else.

However, while the President’s acknowledgment of this perception gap is encouraging, the Orthodox Union remains deeply troubled by the President’s underlying approach – which is to have the U.S. play an “evenhanded” role. The Orthodox Union asks our President to recognize that there are no moral equivalencies between Israel, which has acted time and again to defend itself while actively seeking peace, and those who reject Israel’s legitimacy and make war against her. We look to the United States to be Israel’s friend in a world of enemies and we support the view, expressed to the President in our meeting, that while allies may of course disagree on specifics, there ought not be significant ‘daylight’ between the United States and Israel that would give the nations’ mutual enemies comfort and encouragement.

Other delegates were apparently afraid of getting a fish in the mail, and would only speak anonymously saying they left the meeting "very concerned" about what they heard.

One anonymous leader said,
"This meeting does not allay my concerns because it confirms that this isn't just a willy-nilly decision by some Arabists in the State Department but part of a framework Obama thinks will solve all the problems in the region,"

Of course, the Leftwing organizations that met with Obama were very satisfied with Obama's response.

UPDATE: As reported in the LA Times

He tells American Jewish leaders who are concerned about the public disagreements between Israel and the U.S. that such disputes are useful in the pursuit of peace.

"He said, 'The United States and Israel were very, very close for eight years, and it produced very little,' " said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League.

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JoeSettler said...

Great comment by Barry Rubin.

THINK OF HOW an alternative might look. On May 27 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: "With respect to settlements, the president was very clear... He wants to see a stop to settlements - not some settlements, not outposts, not natural growth exceptions... That is our position. That is what we have communicated very clearly... And we intend to press that point."

Here's what this approach would sound like if applied to Iran's regime: "With respect to nuclear weapons and sponsorship of terrorism, the president was very clear... He wants to see a stop to nuclear weapons - not some nuclear weapons, not just the warheads, not just the missiles... That is our position. That is what we have communicated very clearly... And we intend to press that point."

Or how about Syria's regime? "With respect to Syrian sponsorship of terrorism, the president was very clear... He wants to see a stop to Syrian sponsorship of terrorism - not just training terrorists, not just financing terrorists, not just ordering them to attack, not just giving them safe passage across the border, not just against Lebanon, not just against Iraq, not just against Israel... That is our position. That is what we have communicated very clearly... And we intend to press that point."

But of course such a policy would require real toughness against enemies on real issues, not just empty posturing against an ally on a really small issue.

Soccer Dad said...

Malcolm Hoenlein was the one who challenged President Obama in the meeting itself.

However, think about how poor the President's straw man argument is. The President himself subscribes to that straw man. In response to Hoenlein's comment that it was bad for there to be "sunlight" (differences) between Israel and the U.S. the President argued that that having no "sunlight" was bad. So, in fact, he believes that the U.S. should openly disagree with Israel. (Regardless, the substance of his argument was faulty.)

Anonymous said...

Obama is under pressure from the Saud's! While at the same time, Obama is finding out that the Saud's aren't going to give him "goodies in trade relations, and normalization" which he could offer to Israel. From the Saud's point of view? Isreal retreats FIRST. Then, they'll think about it.

Obama is not the first president to pull this stunt. But for some reason where we brag about American democracy, we see it led the GOP to put up a brain dead candidate to counter Obama. And, McCain never even thought he could lose! Both parties have problems.

Both parties have produced mediocre presidents. And, for the Bush family? Their legacy lags behind those accomplishments of actually getting elected.

Then, when it comes to J Street, no one acknolwedges that this is NOT a grass roots group at all! They're feeding on George Soros' money!

If you want to see grass roots in America these days you need to look at the Tea Parties; and how a few sites on the Net posts the pictures of those people who congregate to complain. A group I might add that is studiously avoided by the politicians.

Again, politics gets to be interesting. It got to so for Ahmadinijad. Where the people exposed him as a fraud. He came in 3rd. But among diplomats they're trying to work around this "obstacle?"

For the democrats? Gee. I dunno. Ben Gurion thought Mapam (Labor), would be where all the elites controlled the people. Through the votes. Seems that edifice recently saw some reality. Which has actually stabilized things for Bibi.

One of the things Obama was pushing FOR, was a Chicago Style uprooting of Bibi. So he could get Livni. And, of course, change the fortunes of Kadima.

I don't know about you. But if you have to buy votes to get what you want, there comes a time you run out of money. Though long after you've run out of ideas.

Yesterday, at a baseball game,Obama threw out the first pitch. Sellout crowd in the stands. And, the jeers were pronounced.

There are some things people have learned in Iran, about politics, that may come home to roost, here, too, in the USA.

Meanwhile Livni gained no ground. Obama understands Chicgo. He has no inkling at all about Israelis.

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