Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Settler-Arab Peace Initiative

Settlers probably have more direct contact and interaction with local Arabs of Yesh(a) than any other sector of Israeli society.

Radical Leftists come here on Fridays to seek out a certain type of Arab resident who shares with them a common radical ideology, and they have their meeting of minds, but for the most part, in the real world of daily human interaction, it's us Settlers who quietly work and talk with the Arab man on the street.

And on occasion we have quite interesting political conversations with them. We learn more about who they are, how they view their society, what they want, and how they see us. We get an insiders view, a view from the working man, not the "political" leaders or other "activists".

(I'd say it's quite possible to divide Arab society in two.

Those who hate Israel/Jews and want the Jews gone (or dead), and those who want to live normal lives and see the benefits to good relations with Jews.)

Occasionally these quiet meetings leak out, such as the meeting with one of the Hebron clan leaders who permits a Beit Knesset Caravan on the edge of his field as it is right next to a Jewish outpost, and he has no problem at all with the local Jewish youth there.

Last week, when shopping in an Arab-owned store in a nearby village, some Settler friends had quite an interesting meeting with some of the locals, and some very interesting ideas were put forward.

I'll discuss them in detail another time, but you can be assured that what these Arab villagers expressed would rattle the worldview of the radical Leftists that come here inciting for trouble.

After hours of talking, the Arabs and Jews are hoping that within a few weeks they will have a Facebook group set up to present an alternative vision of Peace - the one the man on the street wants - not the "activists" or "Peace leaders" .

The Arab villagers are sure they could get a significant portion of their village signed up onto the group - most agree with them, but their primary concern is that members of Hamas or the Palestinian Authority (and the radical leftist Jews who might inform on them) might find out and kneecap or kill them for "collaboration".

So they are considering setting up new anonymous accounts so they can safely present their views without fear of death from the various Palestinian authorities.

If this Facebook initiative moves forward I'll let you all know.

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