Thursday, July 23, 2009

Unto these the land shall be divided for an inheritance.

Moshe Feiglin makes an interesting case for the privatization of the land (done intelligently).

He addresses the mixed feelings I had that the current land structure is too strongly based on socialism.

Trust Moshe to always see things from a different angle.

Tisha B'Av evening Wednesday, July 29 - join the Women in Green as they March around the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. But first the reading of Eichah will take place in front of the US Consulate on Agron Street at 8:00pm.

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shlomo said...

Feiglin mentions no specific reason why Netanyahu's plan would be either good or bad (except that it is by Netanyahu and Olmert, which by definition makes it bad). The whole debate is whether Netanyahu's plan would be "done intelligently" as you put it, and Feiglin says absolutely nothing either way. It's not what I would expect from a politician who expects to be taken seriously on a national level.

JoeSettler said...

He says he wants to see parts of it parceled out to released soldiers and other young couples who have completed their National Service.

He calls for a foundation to do this properly.

That is as far as he got in the article. But it is better than giving away 5% of the country to a small and exclusive group of rich people.

He says there is nothing in principle wrong with the concept, just that the implementation is worrisome and is similar to what happened in Russia.

josh said...

I was expecting something different from Feiglin. Handing out free land is already happening in the north and south, but it has not and will not start a rush of thousands to these areas. Jobs, people need jobs to to something during the day.

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