Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Iranians walk out on "Rabbi" Shimon Peres?

Claiming that Shimon Peres is not a religious leader, the Iranian delegates to the World Interfaith Conference in Kazakhstan walked out when Peres got up to speak.
Peres lectured the forum, "Together with all the Arab leaders, we can realize your vision, our vision and the vision of all the leaders and all believers in our shared god of peace and justice."

Iranian delegates stormed out of the conference hall as Peres began to deliver his speech, and returned only after he finished speaking.

"Peres is not a religious leader; he is a man of violence," one of the Iranian delegates said. (YNET)
I don't know if Peres is a man of violence, but he is absolutely not a religious leader.

Maybe the Iranians weren't that unjustified in their reaction (see what happens when you mix religion and politics?)

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NormanF said...

I despise Shimon Peres.... the Pulsa D'Nurah would have been too good a fate for the wretch. Still, the Iranians have revealed how they viewed Jews and Israel. And that should not go unanswered.

Anonymous said...

How about Sarkozy asking that Lieberman be replaced??

Neshama said...

Sarkozeeee's Shameless French Folies Bergere
I guess Liberman is too principled for Sarkozy

Solomon said...

What the world need is mutual understanding and divine guidance.

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