Sunday, July 26, 2009

To protest or not to protest

Tomorrow (Monday evening) there will be a big protest in Jerusalem, timed with the arrival of the latest bunch of Obama Boys here to rip the Land of Israel away from us.

This protest is organized by Moetzet Yesha, and to be blunt, the feeling of many settlers is there are better things we can do with our time than go and yell "Rah, Rah, Rah" at a Moetzet Yesha event.

For instance, there will be an independent "protest" happening at the same time, where a few dozen new outposts will be built at the same time all throughout Yehuda and Shomron - and perhaps a strengthening of existing one.

That for instance is certainly more interesting, and probably annoys the various powers-that-be even more (and might be more likely to make the news).

There's also talk that Bibi asked Moetzet Yesha to organize this protest as a show of strength and dissent. That's good, except that Bibi's government is busy tearing down new settlements, so who exactly wants to help him - in a way that doesn't help us.

If someone were to say that this protest was going to get a little "disorganized" and rowdy (and not because of Israeli policemen are beating up Jewish protesters), that might bring a lot more of people who want to display their anger and disgust at the Obama led government and His anti-Israel policies.

Meanwhile, I don't know if I'll go to it.

But I do plan to go to the Women in Green's Walk around the Walls (of the Old City). I go almost every year, and that is always a meaningful way of spending Tisha B'Av evening.

(My friends and I used to sit by one of the side entrance to the Temple Mount for Eichah, but the police have since made it impossible, so we stopped doing that a few years ago.)

Will you be going to the Moetzet Yesha protest?

Tisha B'Av evening Wednesday, July 29 - join the Women in Green as they March around the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. But first the reading of Eichah will take place in front of the US Consulate on Agron Street at 8:00pm.

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ODannyBoy said...

i'm going to go to the protest in Jerusalem.

aliyah06 said...

No but only because I just heard about it....but I will be at the Women In Green walk around the walls....I usually don't do these Big Crowd things, but the US administration's lies about the Bush letter and pandering to the Arab bloc have ticked me off big time....

Unknown said...

Please give more information on the demonstration.Whereexactly and when.

JoeSettler said...

Monday, July 27. 6:30 pm
Kikar Paris (opposite the Kings Hotel) in Jerusalem.

With a candle march opposite the US Consulate afterwards.

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