Sunday, July 05, 2009

Low hanging fruit, or fruit already in the backet?

There is a difference between going after low-hanging fruit, and going after fruit in someone else's basket (or trying to squish the fruit already in the basket).

After reports of being completely rejected by the Arab States in an attempt to get them to publicly show some gesture to Israel in exchange for a settlement freeze, Obama is widening his circle.

Obama sent a letter to Morocco's King Mohammed VI, saying He hoped Rabat would "be a leader in bridging gaps between Israel and the Arab world."

On one hand, you can say that Obama is now going after the low-hanging fruit in an attempt to find some Arab country willing to make a public gesture to Israel, or help get the other Arab state make those public gestures.

On the other hand, Israel already has a relationship with Morocco. It never ended. Israelis can visit Morocco (with a visa). We've had Foreign Ministers visit Morocco - openly. I believe Morocco even has a liaison office in Tel Aviv. We certainly openly trade with one another.

In fact, Moroccan Jews in Israel may even hold dual citizenship.

And Morocco for the most part keeps its nose out of the local conflict - and as a result it's never gotten seriously bloodied by it.

It is a carefully balanced formula that works for everyone.

Hey Obama, it's one thing to go after low-hanging fruit. It's another thing to try to grab the fruit already in our basket and try to squish it.

Maybe He'll go after Tunis next.

(See JoeSettler for other quiet Israel-Arab relations issues.)

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JoeSettler said...

And besides, Morocco already made their obligatory official remarks.

Anonymous said...

Rightfully so, the president will leave no stone unturned in his quest for regional peace. And going to other Arab countries and getting them involved is a good idea.

JoeSettler said...

An elephant in a china shop is going to leave every stone upturned also.

Anonymous said...


Please! Bibi is ahead of the game!

And, for all I know? Obama's biggest mistake was done on a personal level; when Michelle didn't get to meet Sara. You think I'm kidding?

You think there are answers to Obama's problems that will come from Africa? If we're lucky, instead, his real birth certificate will show up.

What is played out is a game. And, what Obama fails to notice are all the freedom seekers, from Honduras to Iran; who want to topple their despots.

Obama doesn't have a clue.

Yes. He has excuses.

Today's excuse? Comes from Biden. "Gee, he says, there was some misjudgements about the economy."

Well, stupid? Clinton knew it was the economy! And, after Clinton lost the Congress; in 1992; he was able to shift gears.

To shift gears you need an engine that gets fueled. You just can't drop your legs, and hope you'll slow down before hitting the wall.

If you were in America, yesterday; and then you read a piece today; written by the guy who runs Pajama's Media. You'd learn that yesterday was a very sad 4th of July. Lots of people are worried. People who weren't used to worrying; when they had to choose between the brain dead McCain. And, the lackluster Obama.

For Bibi? Check his numbers. In Israel, he's holding the center! He's got more than half the population backing him. While what does Obama have? A corner? Whoopie. Getting backed into a corner sure does limit your moves.

Just as Hillary broke her elbow. And, has discovered, even with surgery, broken bones means you're limited in your moves.

No happy time, ahead, for Obama.

No way out, actually. Just the momentum that comes from sliding downhill.

While the media is also flummoxed. If they weren't? They'd be telling you Livni was knocking on the PM's door. And, she was "turning the key." Now? She's not even close enough to look through the peek hole.

Politics. It's not what you read that counts.

And, if I were in Israel right now? I wouldn't stick my hand into anyone else's fruit basket! Who needs such an agrument into my face? "Ya got nice fruit in your basket." That's about as far as I would go.

Obama? For a no-nothing, he's producing the results that show him off to be a know-nothing. He wants help from the arabs, here?

There are better ways to cheat on an exam.

JoeSettler said...

Someone's been reading the Muqata!

In that vein, the administration has focused on Morocco and Tunisia in North Africa, countries which had ties with Israel that were broken off during the early months of the intifada and never restored, and Qatar and Oman, with whom Israel has had some official relations in the past, and the United Arab Emirates.

One diplomatic official described Morocco as being in the category of "low-hanging fruit" because of its relatively moderate government and previous relationship with Israel.

Search the Muqata


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